Fighting The Turn On Yellow: Traffic Violations That Make No Sense

3 October 2017
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There are just some traffic violations in different states that make no sense. Turning as the light turns yellow and not completing your turn before it turns red is a no-no. Turning right, even though there is a sign half covered in dirt that would have told you not to turn on red, is another. What are you to do? It is an especially messy problem when traffic cameras have you nailed dead to rights. You can fight these charges with a traffic violation attorney. Here is how to fight these nonsense tickets.

Getting Traffic Cam Footage of Others Doing the Same Thing

It is a head scratcher for the judge if the lawyer produces multiple other snippets of traffic-camera footage showing other drivers doing the same thing you did. It is even better if the footage shows other drivers doing the exact same thing while you are being pulled over by the police officer near the light or sign he/she says you violated. Clearly, the police officer picked one offender out of the crowd that day, and it was you.

The lawyer can then argue that if you did not see the sign, and others did not see the sign, why should you be held liable? Your lawyer could also argue that (if applicable) you are from out of state, and the traffic-light laws are different from your home state. Ignorance will not cover you, but slight differences in the laws will. Your lawyer can also question the motives and actions of the police officer for selecting you as his/her example to the community.

Changing the Law by Changing the Outcomes

You should at least try to fight a traffic-violation charge. Some of these are just plain bizarre. If you, and enough people like you, go to court to fight the same charge, the state has to examine why. If similar arguments are offered in court, then the state officials know that a law does not make sense and it needs to be changed. Of course, that only works if you (and others) go to court with a lawyer in tow and win your case.

Considering Right-of-Way Issues at Strange Intersections

Another strange law is the undetermined right-of-way at strange intersections. If you were ticketed at the scene of an accident because you failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle from the intersecting road, what can you do? Some of these more bizarre intersections are sharp points of land that meet curved road, and there are no signs denoting who goes. Your lawyer can use pictures of these weird intersections, so the judge can clearly see how the accident occurred, and why you should not be held liable.

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