Behind the Scenes in a DUI Attorney’s Office: Who Is There and What They Do

20 March 2019
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When you enter the office of a DUI attorney for a consultation or for other reasons, you may see more than just the attorney present. In fact, there may be two or three others hustling about, typing, making copies, and so on. Here is what goes on behind the scenes of your DUI attorney's services, who is working there, and what they do in regard to your case.  The Administrative Assistant Read More 

Steps To Take When A Domestic Partner Is Forcing You To Take Drugs

17 November 2018
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A difficult situation that some people face at the hands of their domestic partners is being forced to take drugs. Perhaps your partner is a regular drug user and wants you to join him or her, and uses physical force or extreme coercion in an attempt to get you to use, too. What you need to realize is that this is a form of domestic violence, and you do not need to tolerate it. Read More 

Trading First Impressions With Your Personal Injury Attorney

21 September 2018
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Not only is seeking legal expertise a key ingredient in getting paid for damages, but it also allows victims to exceed what most insurance companies will offer. Your choice of a personal injury attorney should be based on more than an advertisement on television or the first name in the phone book. Read on and see for yourself why trading first impressions are so important when you hire an attorney. Read More 

Fight Your DUI Charge If You Believe You May Have Had Blood In Your Mouth

22 August 2018
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When you're pulled over after you've been drinking and are given a Breathalyzer test, there's a possibility that you'll blow over the legal limit. This will lead to an arrest, a likely impounding of your vehicle, and some time in jail before you can bail out. While you'll understandably be discouraged, you don't have to give up campaigning for your innocence. Hire an experienced DUI attorney who has some tricks up his or her sleeve to get a court to throw out the Breathalyzer reading. Read More 

How Can You Fight Drug Trafficking Charges?

16 July 2018
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If you have been charged with drug trafficking, you are fighting back against serious allegations. Depending on your state, drug trafficking comes with harsh consequences. You need to protect your rights with legal counsel. If you are facing drug trafficking charges, you are up against a lot. This guide will help you understand the charges against you and your potential defenses. The Crime of Drug Trafficking Drug trafficking is a charge considered for individuals who knowingly sell, manufacture, or deliver drugs, typically those part of schedule I or II. Read More