Trading First Impressions With Your Personal Injury Attorney

21 September 2018
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Not only is seeking legal expertise a key ingredient in getting paid for damages, but it also allows victims to exceed what most insurance companies will offer. Your choice of a personal injury attorney should be based on more than an advertisement on television or the first name in the phone book. Read on and see for yourself why trading first impressions are so important when you hire an attorney.

Sell your case to the lawyer

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney is free, but there's even more to be happy about than that. If your attorney uses a contingency fee arrangement, you won't need to have money to get your case started. The bad news about this arrangement is that your case must be a good one for the attorney to be interested in it. The good news is that if the attorney agrees to represent you and work on your case, then you know they will ensure that you get the highest amount possible.

You are on the stand

When you appear at your initial consultation, your attorney is not just looking at the accident report, the photos, your medical records, and other evidence; they are looking at you. The way you speak, the way you present the facts of the case to the attorney, and your demeanor as you are being questioned are all important indicators of a successful case. There are at least two times during the personal injury process when you will be questioned under oath. You might be called to testify at the deposition and then in court when your case comes to trial. If you can manage to express yourself well without resorting to emotional pleas during the consultation, the attorney might be more inclined to take your case.

The credibility factor

Attorneys are usually quite skilled at reading people, so you absolutely must avoid exaggerations and misstatements during your consultation. Litigating personal injury cases involves dealing in facts, not estimations or guesses. Present your attorney with every piece of documentation you can to back up your claims of fault, injuries, and losses as a result of the accident. Being less than honest is a waste of everyone's time and won't help your case one bit.

Do your due diligence

While it's important that your attorney has confidence in your case, it's also important to have confidence in your attorney. Don't be afraid to ask questions and to get a better understanding of terms you don't fully understand. Some attorneys can forget that victims seldom have law degrees. Take notes and know what the next step will be in the process to get paid what you need and deserve.

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